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Past Students... Where Are They Now?

This is a new section to our website, an area dedicated to our former students and looking at how they've used their qualifications.

If you're an former student and would like to share your experiences, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

After a short career in accounts I felt unsatisfied with my job and decided I needed a change. I had always felt like I wanted to do massage even though I don’t really know why. I had been discouraged by friends, but in 2014 I finally took the plunge and trained with BCMB to gain my holistic massage diploma. It was life changing! After a year of working for myself I decided I’d like to further my knowledge and so signed up for the level 5 Sports & Remedial Diploma with Meridian.

I am based in Kington, Herefordshire and offer a mobile massage service, but I am also available at the Kington Centre on Tuesday afternoons.
Elly Ingram – www.ellyingram.co.uk

I started my massage journey at the Meridian Centre in 2011.The Holistic Massage course was a real challenge for me but the Meridian Centres family atmosphere and the support given from Julie and Loraine got me through it. As soon as I qualified I set up a therapy room in my home and started to advertise. Finding new clients at first was a little tricky but the detailed training I had received meant that once someone had had an appointment with me, they usually always came back. I went on to do the Sports and Remedial massage course which wasn’t as hard as I had expected it to be. I have built my own website which is where I get many new clients from; and now work part time in my regular job as my massage business has grown.

If I had to give anyone starting out on their own journey advice, it would be to gain as much information about a client over the phone. This gives you the chance to research conditions and think about any techniques you might need.
Rachel Falk – The Holistic Massage Company

I continue to develop my work and enjoy incorporating all the elements learnt over the past 25 years, that equip me to provide an holistic approach, to Well-Being. Training to become  a massage therapist with Meridan School of Massage, was a truly rewarding experience. My aim is too continue to work holistically in the future, to promote positive well being and good health.
Caroline Layton, Well-Mind Social Interventions Ltd

Since doing my holistic massage course in 2005/6 I was able to work straight away as a massage therapist starting up my own practice in my home – Therapy Hub - and working as the holistic massage therapist at Renaissance, a well established natural therapy centre in Harborne. I added a number of different disciplines such as baby and pregnancy massage, organic facials, Hot Stone and Indian Head Massage. Therapy Hub is now a busy and successful practice and I also have a beauty therapist working here so we can offer a full range of holistic and beauty treatments. In August 2012 I took over the ownership and running of Renaissance and have since added a specialised Back Clinic to the centre. I also run baby massage tuition courses throughout the year. The initial training at Meridian has given me the skills and confidence to do all this and to have a business which I love. It also enabled me to give up my ‘day job’ five years ago and focus on what I really wanted to do.
Jane Hobbs, Renaissance and Harborne Back Clinic

At the age of 58, after 40 years as a construction surveyor, I gave up full-time work and was looking for a new challenge. My work had always been about property and money, and now I wanted to give something back, and try a more people-oriented activity. I have always been interested in the physical and emotional benefits of massage, so this seemed like the obvious thing to pursue and after a quick Google search, I discovered Meridian. I attended an introductory weekend with Lorraine and Julie and decided to enrol for the professional diploma. I loved the course right from day one! It was good to meet the other students, people of all ages and occupations united by a wish to learn everything they could about holistic massage. The course days were hard work but great fun and the teaching was inspired. We learnt about the theory and practice of massage of course, but also about the ethos of therapeutic work, which was very different from what I was used to in business. At times this was a big learning curve for me, but Lorraine, Julie, Emily and Mandy couldn’t have been more supportive. Finally I gained my Diploma in Holistic Massage and since then have been working part-time on a voluntary basis for the local Mental Health service, working with people suffering anxiety and depression and occasionally more serious mental illness. Massage therapy is a wonderful relaxing treatment which can complement the counselling and psychotherapy many of these clients are receiving and hopefully support a quicker recovery for them. Many massage students will of course be planning to seek paid work or start a business, but for me, the satisfaction of seeing improvement in these clients is an ample reward in itself.
Andrew Richards

I trained with Meridian in 2010. At the time I was working in the corporate environment which I wasn’t finding fulfilling so I decided it was time for a change of career. Now I am work as a full time massage therapy practitioner. I found the course a real challenge, especially as i was studying around work but it was totally worth it. I feel very lucky to have worked in various environments from festivals, health shows, clinics & back stage at concerts! I am so glad I did the course as it has totally changed my direction and given me a career which I love.
Rebecca Morgan

I trained with Meridian in 2008-2009 and really enjoyed the whole course and even now I talk about it and some of the funny things that happened during that time. Since then I did have my own business but only for a year as it was difficult to fit it in with my teaching commitments, so I decided to forgo the business and just do the occasional massage for friends and family, which I have really enjoyed. I have been working with the Red Cross one day a week as a Therapeutic care practitioner and although we can only perform a very prescriptive general massage, it is extremely rewarding and I thoroughly enjoy that. I have since retired completely from teaching and have taken advantage of the time to go travelling. Last year for example, I went to Antarctica and was surrounded by penguins, whales, seals and icebergs. It was AMAZING!
Jill Ashurst

The Professional Holistic Massage Therapy with Meridian school of Massage and Bodywork was the most challenging thing I have done in regards to study. There were many times I wanted to give in as study is not your forte. However I stuck with it, was supported throughout, encouraged throughout and more importantly my concerns and deliberations were heard. The staff invested in me and the course took me on a journey, and what a journey! I am now fully qualified not only in Holistic Massage Therapy and have also taken Meridians Indian Massage Therapy. At present I am trying to build up my. I have no regrets and fully intend to use this year as "work experience" as being out there qualified needs time to practice and deliver according to the differing client needs and of course treatment plan required for the client. So yes I am in a wonderful place at present and feel another course coming on. Aromatherapy, Hot stones and reflexology. Thank you Meridian, as I have found my purpose in life. Jenn Roberts