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JL Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork CIC: hereafter referred to as Meridian
The Client : The company or individual requesting the services of Meridian
The Student : The company or individual requesting the services of Meridian

Equality and Diversity

Meridian operates an equality of opportunity policy. Clients are expected to reciprocate this and to not engage in behaviour which could be experienced as discrimination and/or harassment and which could lead to dismissal from the course or termination of a treatment session. The client should advise Meridian of any health or other issues that may effect successful completion of courses or outcome of a treatment session.

Attendance and course work

The client is required to attend all teaching days. If exceptional circumstances prevent this, the client should notify the tutors in advance with as much notice as possible. Should Meridian consider that attendance or course work does not meet required standards, the client may be asked to leave the course without refund of fees and will be liable for any outstanding fees. It is NOT our wish to refuse educational opportunities to any of our clients, and Meridian will strive to assist the client any "catch up" or additional marking hours - though the client is encourage to actively take responsibility for organising such services by timely discussion with appropriate Meridian Tutors. Catch up sessions and additional marking are chargeable, and fees will be discussed in accordance.

Meridian reserves the right to adjust the specification of its courses, or any aspect of the courses, at its discretion. This is most usually motivated in response to learning needs of individual groups, changes in the National Occupational Standards which are reflected in the syllabus and enhancing the delivery of subject material.  Meridian reserves the right to withdraw courses at any time. Should Meridian withdraw the course after the client has purchased it, Meridian will refund the client an amount agreed between Meridian and the client, based on the number of assignments / days attended / course work that the client has completed and have been marked by Meridian.

Courses must be completed within the stated time frame. Should the client not complete the course within the stipulated time-frame, the study time can be extended by negotiation and in accordance with the accrediting Professional Bodies limitations. After these periods it is deemed that the enrollment has lapsed and the client will need to re-enrol and pay the full fees for the course, except where individually agreed with Meridian. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information and advice given in all courses is accurate and up to date. Whilst the information and advice given throughout is believed to be true and accurate at the time of production, Meridian cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be made. Meridian accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the conclusions that may be drawn from or how the learning information is interpreted and implemented. This is the basis on which the information is presented and the courses offered. Meridian reserves the right to refuse enrollments and/or suggest alternative arrangements if Meridian believes that it will not be in the best interests of the individual and/or of other participants or in Meridian’s best interests.

Personal Development

Because of the holistic nature of Meridian courses, the client is expected to take an active approach to personal development and awareness exercises, reading / studying supporting information outside of the course work. Whilst Meridian believe in the comprehensive nature of our courses, additional outside education is a requirement and will enable the client to get the most from our courses.

Personal Responsibility and Conduct

As an integral part of our courses and teaching, clients are advised to take personal responsibility for their conduct towards themselves, other parties and learning group members. The nature of our learning material which reflects standards set by Codes of Ethics of Professional Associations accrediting courses, calls for the attributes here and clients should:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to be sensitive to other people’s needs - Respecting ethical and professional requirements, e.g. boundaries and confidentiality and an understanding of appropriate and professional touch. Please note: the training area is communal (i.e. one large room in which we all train and practice massage with each other). It is open to both male and female students.  At Meridian we want ensure that bodies are celebrated with dignity, so students need to show discretion around undressing and draping.
  2. Demonstrate participation – for the development of all, the client  it is expected where possible to contribute and participate as a learning group member within the teaching sessions, discussions and exercises.
  3. Maintain Personal Hygiene - maintaining a high standard at all times, including ensuring that nails are short.  Throughout the course clothing needs to be appropriate to massage therapy - particularly at clinical stage, i.e. easy to move in but tidy and close fitting (so that it does not drape on the client) and hair tied back when working. Please bring your own clean towels or sheets, pillows, oils as instructed.
  4. Demonstrate Appropriate Behaviour - Please be aware that any form of threatening behaviour, including verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated towards Meridian staff, fellow students or clients. If the tutor observes, or receives a report of inappropriate behaviour, the client may be asked to leave the premises and may be expelled from further course participation. Refusal to comply will result in the further action and the incident will be reported to the appropriate professional body. In such circumstances, no refunds will be offered.

As members of the Massage Training Institute and Federation of Holistic Therapists Meridian observe their Code of Ethics. Meridian requires all its students to make themselves fully aware of these codes and observe them at all times. For your convenience links are provided below:

In the unlikely event that a student cannot access these codes online, a printed copy can be made available on request (a small charge may be levied for this). If the student has difficulty understanding or interpreting the practices laid down in these documents, Tutors are happy to assist in clarity and should be conducted accordingly.

Student Information

Personal information provided by the client during or outside of a teaching session might be shared between Meridian teaching members to assist and support the client's learning requirements. Such information is treated with the utmost confidentiality within Meridian.


Full payment for short courses is to be paid no later than seven days before the start date.
Full payment for deposits for practitioner qualifications is to be paid seven days before the start date.
Places cannot be confirmed  or reserved until a deposit and / or full payment (whichever is appropriate) has been received. Due to the preferred size restriction of class numbers, classes will be allocated on a first come first served basis Meridian will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the client associated with joining that course (be it equipment, learning material, professional memberships, etc).
All payments are non-refundable, and commitment to a place with a deposit, commits the client to full payment for the course regardless of whether they complete the course.

Cancellation Policy

In the unlikely event of course date cancellation by Meridian, the client will be offered an alternative date. Should this not be acceptable Meridian will attempt to accommodate the clients requirements as best possible but will of course provide a full refund of deposit and / or all course fees that have been paid if an alternative is not available. Meridian will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the client associated with course cancellation.
In the event of the client wishing to withdraw from a course, no refunds will be made.

Complaints Procedure

Anyone who experiences a problem with Meridian's services should contact Meridian by telephone, email, or online contact form and clearly outline the complaint. Meridian will strive resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the complainant at their earliest convenience. Where a complaint can not be resolved internally, clients will be informed of how to make their complaint to the accrediting Professional Bodies.

Our Privacy Policy

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The Search Bar on this website stores no information and compares your search enquiry against a database of keywords for navigation purposes. Meridian use Heart Internet to host our website (see their website for details of their security, encryption and privacy controls).
You can check the information that Meridian hold about you by contacting us and if you have any specific concerns regarding your privacy in relation to this website, our services and / or any correspondence we may have shared, please contact us directly to discuss this and we will do our best to help


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