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FHT Indian Head Massage Level 3 Certificate Course in Birmingham

Indian Head Massage FHT Level 3 Certificate Training Course in Birmingham UK with JL Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork CIC.

Covid-19 & Meridian
We hope that you are well and finding ways and means to manage in the current unusual circumstances. In line with government guidelines, face to face training and treatments have been suspended at Meridian. After careful consideration, these will not resume until April 2021. We are here to discuss the course and continue with applications and interviews. If you would like to know more, please do contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Title :   Indian Head Massage FHT Level 3 Certificate
Venue :   The Natural Health Centre, 86 The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham. B38 8RS
Duruation :   Three months, part time
Cost :   £ 295 + £60 Exam fees
Deposit :   £ 100
Contact :   For more information please call on 0121 244 1846 or 07595 901 909 or email here
Application :   For an application form, please click here
Dates :    

The Indian Head Massage Certificate is taught in the style and with the ‘holistic’ approach that is at the core of all Meridian Courses. You will learn to work with traditional Indian Head Massage techniques, that are adapted to meet the individual needs of clients. We encourage you to acknowledge and work with the ‘whole’ person - the mind, physical body, emotional self, as well as the more subtle energies. We encourage you to work ‘with’ your client, not ‘on’ your client and using your intuition, work form the heart. Indian Head Massage appears to have a calming or invigorating effect, support stress relief and can be used to work complementary, alongside other forms of hands on, or medical treatments. It is a very versatile treatment and requires minimum ‘specialist’ equipment.

Indian Head Massage Certificate Course BirminghamThe Qualification

The Indian Head Massage Certificate - is accredited by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapies). The FHT is the UK and Ireland's largest Professional Association, supplying membership and insurance, for complementary therapists. For more information visit www.FHT.org.uk

Course Structure

The course is part-time run over 4 days. This will include a supervised clinic practice session. The course is held in Birmingham or Solihull with a maximum group size of 14 students which allows for a good tutor student ratio. There are a variety of teaching methods, which includes lectures but these are aimed at being experiential and participative. During the course students will practice Indian Head Massage with each other.

The time between workshops allows you to practice and complete theory / written assignments, a case study project, plus a minimum of 25 Indian Head massages. Students will be expected to keep comprehensive clinic notes which will include demonstrating reflective practice.

Course Content

The course aims to equip you in theory, practice, and confidence to work with Indian Head Massage  as you continue and develop on your journey as a massage/complementary therapist to a high professional standard. To achieve this there is close supervision and support throughout, encouraging reflective practise and development of the therapeutic relationship. The course includes:

Indian Head Massage Theory

  • History and development of Indian Head Massage
  • Understanding of the main Doshas
  • Understanding and identifying chakras
  • Benefits of Indian Head Massage
  • Developing comprehensive client records

Therapeutic relationship and Practitioner self-awareness

  • Developing personal reflective practice, your response/reaction when working with client's
  • Monitoring self-care and body use
  • Appropriate client therapist relationship
  • Creating safe space
  • Creating rapport with clients
  • Developing good listening skills (verbal and none verbal)
  • Developing good communication skills
  • Working with intention and intuition
  • Developing awareness around client's response.

Massage, Body work techniques and body use

  • Use of equipment and massage mediums
  • Safe body use – movement and rhythm
  • Developing Indian Head Massage sequence
  • Working with Indian Head Massage strokes, stretches, passive movements, stillness and Chakra’s 
  • Adding new techniques to your existing massage skills
  • 20 hours of massage practice
  • Supervised clinic practice

Assessment and clinic practice

  • Assessment and creating safe treatment plans
  • Revise and expand understanding around contra indications
  • Revise Health and Safety at work
  • Safe practice and hygiene
  • Revise and expand understanding around contra actions
  • Develop and advise appropriate aftercare

Professional issues

  • Code of ethics for practitioners and PA
  • Revise legislation and Health and Safety
  • Working competently in private practice
  • Integrating Indian Head Massage to existing business

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

Aimed at revising and expanding your existing AP&P knowledge and the physiological effects of massage and body work techniques. Further exploration of the pathology of conditions.

Examination and Completion Requirements

  • Internal assessment requirements: assessment of Indian Head Massage on a client. Homework assignments on revising AP&P, Theory of Indian head Massage, Benefits and contra – actions and adding to your existing therapies. 25 hours massage practice. Case study and presentation.
  • Final examination requirements: individual practical with an unknown client and written theory exam

Course Assignments

Students will be set homework from each workshop. As well as the formal examination and completion requirements listed above, to support student learning there will be informal assessments and feedback throughout by the tutors, peers and by student self-evaluation. Within this there will be at least one individual tutorial, though students will have plenty of opportunity to access the tutor on a one-to-one basis due to the small group size.

Suggested Book List

The suggested reading list with set course books will be given before the beginning of the course and are not included in the course fee. The course manual is included in the fee.

Course Fee

£295 which includes, course workbook, on-going student support and supervision throughout the course.  It also includes exam fees. The deposit it £100 and the remaining fee can be spread over the duration of the course. As the course is only currently open to therapists with an qualification in AP&P level 3 or above, you will be expected to have current membership to a Professional Association and practitioner insurance. You will also need a current first aid certificate.

Entry Requirements

To take part in this course students will need:

  • To be 18 or over and must be able to perform the massage techniques listed in the syllabus.
  • A good understanding of English for technical detail taught
  • A qualification in bodywork and Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, minimum level 3.
  • Commitment, interest and enthusiasm for the course subject and desire to develop personally as a therapist.

How to apply

Simply contact us for an application form or Print an Application Form HERE and return to us with your payment or method of payment. Without the deposit, which is non-refundable or full payment we can not reserve your place on the course. Payments can be made by paypal or cheque payable to jlmeridian. Although there is no interview to take part in this course, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have not trained with Meridian or another MTI school so that we may answer any questions you have.

We look forward to working with you

Intense, enjoyable, difficult, challenging! The Sports and Remedial course has been a difficult but amazing experience, I ve not only improved professionally but personally too and I can't wait to start practicing professionally! I would definitely recommend it, the approach, quality of knowledge, support and experience given is invaluable. It is a big commitment and you need to be willing to put the work in, homework and practice hours are there for a reason and its important to follow guidelines on when they should be done. Be ruthless with your self and time! Thank you to everyone at Meridian, Julie, Joce and my team!

JB, Stafford - Student